An ongoing collection of references for my students and whoever is interested in type, typography, wayfinding, design in general or just curious about the world.



Ellen Lupton
Thinking with type

Robert Bringhurst
The elements of Typographic Style

Gli elementi dello stile tipografico

Phil Baines,
Andrew Haslam
Type & typography

Gerrit Noordzij
The Stroke: Theory of Writing

Il tratto: teoria della scrittura

Robin Kinross
Modern Typography

Tipografia moderna

Jost Hochuli
Detail in Typography

Josef Muller-Brockmann
Grid Systems in Graphic Design


Gerrit Noordzij
The Stroke: Theory of Writing

Il tratto: teoria della scrittura

Fred Smeijers

Walter Tracy
Letters of Credit: A View of Type Design

James Mosley
Radici della scrittura moderna

More on this great website:


Per Mollerup
Wayshowing > Wayfinding  

Paul Mijksenaar
Visual Function: An Introduction to Information Design

Andreas Uebele
Signage systems & Information graphics

David Gibson
The Wayfinding Handbook

Tony Brook & Adrian Shaughnessy
Supernew Supergraphics [Unit 16]

general books

John Berger
Ways of Seeing

Alice Rawsthorn
Hello World: Where Design Meets Life

Byung-Chul Han
Nello sciame: visioni del digitale

Im Schwarm. Ansichten des Digitalen


10 Principles That May Make Your Work Better Or May Make It Worse
— Frank Chimero 2010

My type design philosophy
— Martin Majoor 2005

An Introduction to OpenType Substitution Features
— Martin Wenzel and Christoph Koeberlin 2010

Case study: Randomness vs Cleverness. Notes on programming OpenType feature
— Underware 2010

Texts on Graphic Design and Typography varius articles and essays on

Thoughts on Design, a collection of articles written by Paul Rand, interviews, videos and exhibits information.

Academic resources (articles, essays, movies and more) from the Type Culture website

A selection of essays from/on Emigre and on type and typography on

Typography theory on-line by Ellen Lupton's Thinking with type and Erik Spiekermann's Explorations in typography.

websites & tools


Type Basics by Underware

The Vignelli Canon

Trade Marks & Symbols, volume 1 Alphabetical design

adhesiontext, a dynamic text tool created by Miguel Sousa

Just another text generator with kerning pairs.

Typable by Ondrej Job, very useful, it takes out the glyphs you don't have from a real text.

Sketch type with TypeCooker, a tool for generating type-drawing exercises by Erik van Blokland ( used at the Type and Media MA at KABK, The Hague.

A diacritics guide by Czech magazine Typo.